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The Legend of the Wild One


Johnny O’Keefe wants to conquer the world. He never actually does, but that’s beside the point. 

His career gives him spectacular highs and tragic lows. He battles drugs, alcohol, mental illness and a shocking car accident. But he never gives up the fight. The fight Johnny embarks on in the mid-fifties didn’t have its payoff until after his career had long since burnt out. Johnny fought to establish Australian musical performers as forces in world music. In his footsteps came The Bee Gees, INXS, Olivia Newton-John, Peter Allen, AC/DC, The Little River Band and Kylie Minogue.

Johnny’s rise, fall and rise again is a great Aussie musical epic. This musical charts the beginning of teenage culture in Australia. It charts the beginning of Australian rock. It tells the story of a young man setting out on the journey of his life with dynamism, verve and ambition.

Cast List

Johnny O'Keefe - Jonathon Acosta

Marianne O'Keefe - Grace Lizzio

Thelma O'Keefe - Kat Feil

Ray O'Keefe - John Edge

Maureen O'Keefe - Fiona Murphy

Pee Wee Wilson - Ray Pittman

Lee Gordon - Chris Scarpellino

Col Joye - Christopher Booth

Holdenettes - Rachael Thompson, Renee Bechara, Jodie Blewitt

Ensemble - Cameron Lewis, James Russel, Sean Marden, John Braams, Chrissy Gardiner, Madellen Carlino, Belinda Jonson, Mary Armer, Renee Watego, Griffen Edge

Dance Ensemble - Melissa-Lee O'Brien, Elizabeth Testa, Emma Saunders, Kiah Richardson, Ashleigh Melvold, Tracey Wright, Ashley Anderson, Alana Passaris, Courtney Tucker, Shelley Partridge

Production Team

Director - Chris Scarpellino

Musical Director - Andy Peterson

Choreographer - Chris Nhobbs

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